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Customer Reviews

  • I do recommend Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire.

    I recently purchased a Toyota Corolla demonstrator from Toyota Spinelli Pointe-Claire. The process was easy, efficient, and stress-free. Mike Armanious was the salesperson. He knew the product well, and arranged the test-drive at my convenience. He patiently answered all of my questions. I unreservedly recommend Mike if you are looking for a used car or a Toyota demonstrator. 

    Mary Greenstein-Campbell handled the paperwork. She took my telephone calls the next day, and she worked with my insurance company to handle the coverage; very pleasant. 

    Steven Guilbault was the Delivery Coordinator. In addition to all the papers that he flawlessly handled, Mr. Guilbault explained every aspect of the car. He set every radio station and preferences for the audio system. He took my telephone call when I had questions about the signage on the dashboard. 

    I do recommend Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire. 

  • Overall customer service is really good and I would recommend this dealership without hesitation

    Mike's (Armanious) is fantastic to work with, he was really helpful and made excellent recommendations. Mike was very transparent and a pleasure to deal with. Overall customer service is really good and I would recommend this dealership without hesitation. Thank you again, Mike!

  • Love the team there, I would recommend Spinelli Toyota to anyone

    About 2 weeks ago I got a call from Toyota telling me about a promotion that they were having and if I wanted to come in and see what they had to offer. On Dec. 18th I walked into Toyota to see Bobby Wojcik smiling face (he had just sold my twin a RAV4 in March), I explained to Bobby that I was just there too look was not really thinking of buying just yet. I looked over and saw this beauty of a car the C-HR, Bobby then proceeded to show me the car, took me on a test drive (which was the deal breaker) and then we sat down and he patiently went through the payment plans and what options would work best for me. At no time did I feel forced to make a decision or fell pressure to purchase a new car. The next day I went back to see Georges Yacoubian who also greeted me with a big smile and we sat down and he explained all the options that I needed or didn't need for my new car. Once I said no to an option that was it, Georges didn't force or pressure me to take any plan that didn't fit my budget. He understood that I had a budget and wanted to say in that bracket. Got the call the next day that the car was mine. When I went to pick up my car I was once again greeting with a big smile and hug from Bobby then was introduced to Steven Guibault who proceeded to show me all the inner workings of the car. He took his time and made sure that I understood what buttons and control did what. We went to his office to sign all the paper and two days ago I walked out of Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire with the new C-HR. Love the team there, I would recommend Spinelli Toyota to anyone.. you guys are the best. Tracie

  • very good service

    Bobby and Steven both give very good service!!!

  • Sales and service have been impeccable

    Bought a used Rav4 about 2 years ago. Sales and service have been impeccable. Since then, it has not required any repairs or service for a 6 year old car. Runs like new. I would definitely recommend Toyota Spinelli to others.

  • Extremely pleasant experience

    Extremely pleasant experience and greatly satisfied result

  • It was my first experience of TOYOTA, and I can say IT WAS AN AMAZING one

    It was my first experience of TOYOTA, and I can say IT WAS AN AMAZING one. I decided to get my beautiful CHR 2019 just 2 days before new year. Rafik and George helped me to make my dreams come true. Thank you guys ! You are superb . On the day of delivery I met Steve who is an incredible person . I've been blessed with your services. Thank you Rafik, George and Steve. Thank you TOYOTA :)

  • Knowledgeable pre-sales service

    Knowledgeable pre-sales service. Respectable and polite. Recommended!

  • great experience all the way around.

    Just bought my Toyota Rav 4, great experience all the way around. Thank you Josh, Steven and Marlene/George

  • both were very professional and informative

    I met with Mr. William Deshence and Mr. Steven Guilbault, both were very professional and informative. A pleasure to do business with them and with Toyota Spinelli

  • 5 stars

    5 star 
    excellent service
    very accommodating 
    Great car

  • Very pleased with both the product and the service

    We bought a Prius Prime and we were very pleased with both the product and the service, which was informative, professional, and courteous (beyond what you would generally expect at a dealership). Thanks to Anthony, Marlene, and Steven for making our experience an enjoyable one!

  • I highly recommend!

    I am so happy I chose Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire for my brand new 2018 Yaris! Everybody was so welcoming and friendly. Bobby, Viken and Steven were all fantastic from beginning to end. They answered all my questions and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I highly recommend! Thank you to everybody at Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire!

  • clear, accurate and transparent information, excellent service!

    A big THANK YOU to the Spinelli Toyota Point-Claire sales team: Anthony Spinelli sales consultant, Steven Guilbault, delivery coordinator and Mary Greenstein-Campbell financial services advisor. We received clear, accurate and transparent information, excellent service! I never imagined having the chance to choose the number of the plate that I wanted !!! Thank you and congratulations! Very nice experience. I love my new car. Without a doubt I recommend Toyota Spinelli Pointe-Claire.

  • He went above and beyond to accommodate all my needs

    Pierre Magnan helped me find my dream Yaris! He went above and beyond to accommodate all my needs. He and Marlene Sauve made the transfer from Montreal to Toronto with ease. Relieved all my stress and helped make my tight deadline for the transfer. Always smiling and in a good mood. Valery Ramirez was very throughout and took as much time as needed to make sure I understood all the new features of my car. Thank you all again!

  • Excellent Experience!

    Excellent Experience!

    After my car was stolen, the staff at pointe claire assisted me to resolve my problems quickly and process new car replacement as soon as possible. A big thank you to entire staff at Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Clare!

  • warm smiles and professionalism

    Great service especially from Cory and Sim! They were able to accommodate us in all ways and did so with warm smiles and professionalism.

  • Awesome service

    Awesome service...highly recommend Richard Veillette...he was so helpful and very charming...thanks Richard for the excellent service!

  • Thank you all once again for the great service.

    I just picked up my new Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE 2019 from toyota. I had an amazing experience as usual. Thank you William for showing me the car i fell in love at first sight. Thank you Bobby for your great help and always doing the extra for your clients,finalizing my deal and leaving me with a smile on my face. Thank you Steven for showing me all the new gadgets on the new car, and explaining everything thoroughly. As usual we always have a nice laugh. Angela , Mary and Marlene always a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you all once again for the great service. I am definitely staying with Toyota and i will continue to recommend to everyone who is looking for brand new or second hand cars. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

  • Thank you for the consistent great service!

    The undeniably best service is always offered to me by Simran Kalsi. I am always treated with respect, and everything in the lease agreement is explained in detail to me without hesitations. This dealership provides the most transparent service I've witnessed so far. If you are looking for an honest sales agent, you should only deal with Simran. Thank you for the consistent great service!

  • The service was amazing, I highly recommend

    I recently bought a Toyota Yaris, the car was exactly what I was looking for! The sales staff (Bobby) were excellent and made my first car purchase an easy, stress free one! The service was amazing, I highly recommend Toyota Pointe Claire.

  • excellent service

    Our thanks to Rafik, Marlene and Steve for their excellent service on Wednesday (and earlier) in the leasing of our new Corolla. All three of you were superb in responding to our needs and requests! Much appreciated.

  • very professional and provided great customer service

    Renewed our lease for a 2018 rav4 and we are very pleased! William, Steven and Mary are very professional and provided great customer service.

  • So many thanks to Angie and Steve for all your assistance! 5 stars +

    I would like to personally like to thank Angela D'Antonio & Steve Guilbault for there attention to detail.
    Angela has been my Toyota sales rep for many years, but this year she knocked it out of the park and them some. She made my black Rave4 2018 my dream car with all that I wanted and needed. Angie is great!

    Kudo's to Steve for walking me through all the aspects the Rave4 2018 has to offer and there are many. He did it in a very timely and professional manner

    So many thanks to Angie and Steve for all your assistance! 5 stars +
    I love my new Rave4 2018

  • top notch service with great respect

    Toyota Spinelli service center continues to provide top notch service with great respect for their costumers. Very friendly staff.

  • Awesome team!!

    Awesome team!! 17 years with them and so pleased . Went in yesterday as my wiper fluid was not working...broken motor...and the waiting room was FULL....everyone getting winter tires installed ! They had me fixed and ready to go in an hour !! Big thanks to Elmas who always takes care of me...and the whole team...who always smile and have a hello for me .

  • A score of 10/10 for both of you!

    Our sales representative, Michael Yip and Steven Guilbeault who delivered the vehicle, made us live a very pleasant experience! A sincere THANK YOU! A score of 10/10 for both of you! Diane L.

  • I highly recommend Toyota Spinelli Pointe-Claire

    My experience at Toyota Spinelli in Pointe-Claire was magnificent! I had the opportunity to trade the car I drove, Rav4 2014 XLE AWD for a much newer model, Rav4 2018 XLE AWD, with no percentage increase for interest. I was able to get a lot of extra security features, new antitheft TAG system and Startup for the same monthly payment. 

    Angela D'Antinio - Renewal Manager, Marlene Sauve - Financial Services Representative and Steven Guilbault - Delivery Coordinator, have been immensely helpful and I am very grateful for their incredible help and support!

    I highly recommend Toyota Spinelli Pointe-Claire! LOVE my new car!!!

  • Great team

    Pierre Magnan and Steven Guilbault, great team made my purchase go smooth and made it into a great experience. Thank you guys.

  • Very good service

    Very good service and found the car I need with my budget

  • Super service and excellent sales representativ

    Thank you Nawfal Farajj for the 2019 Toyota ES super service and excellent sales representative who knows his products very well !!!! Good job I recommend Nawfel Farajj

  • Another great service

    Thank you Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire for another great service with our new 2018 Rav4. Thank you Josh and George for all your hard work and help. Extra special thank you to Steven and Angela you guys are the very best. Until next time thanks from the Family.

  • Great service all the way around

    I picked up my new car this afternoon. Great service all the way around.
    I had a great time with William,Mary and Steven.The dream team!
    William was patient and professional,I dealt with him the most..A-one service!

  • shopping, sales and delivery experience simple and stress free

    I am just back from a road trip with my new RAV 4, which I enjoyed very much. It was a comfortable ride and easy to drive. Many thanks to Nawfel, Viken and Steven. Your knowledge and professionalism made this shopping, sales and delivery experience simple and stress free!!

  • Excellent service

    Excellent service, smooth transaction, they found the exact vehicle I was looking for!

  • Once again my experience was amazing

    2nd time leasing a car from them and once again my experience was amazing. William thoroughly reviewed our options and answered any questions we had. Then dealt with Vik, who tried to help me with the financial benefits. Last but not least, Steven was able to introduce me to my new car. The whole experience made me feel like a valued customer. Will also add that the service/maintenance have always acted in a courteous and professional manner with me. Thanks again Toyota!

  • I recommend your next purchase at Spinelli Pte-Claire because the service is amazing

    Very nice experience at Spinelli Pte-claire. My salesman Joshua was patient and calm when buying my car explaining the important points and leaving me the necessary time so that I could make the right choice. I did not feel any pressure, which is rare today. Very good and efficient service available. Subsequently my experience is continued with Mrs. Sauvé who is kind and everything was simple and very well explained.
    When taking possession that was made by M Guilbault my record was prepared no very effective time loss knowing and very friendly everything was again easy. Very nice meeting and very beautiful support.
    I recommend your next purchase at Spinelli Pte-Claire because the service is amazing.

  • I commend the sales team at Spinelli

    I commend the sales team at Spinelli for their professional curtesy and their efficiency in providing a smooth transfer of the three vehicles my family and I have just picked up. Thumbs up!

  • Excellent service, welcoming staff.

    Excellent service, welcoming staff. Quite pleased!!

  • It was the smoothest experience ever

    Just got a new car from these guys. It was the smoothest experience ever. Bobby our salesman was absolutely wonderful. Marlene our financial adviser was the best. And last but not least Mr Steven Guilbault gave us a tour of our car, he even rocked out to Journey while it was playing in the car. I recommend this place to everyone. Hoping their after sales service is as good as the rest.

  • Excellent service from all the staff members

    My husband and I recently bought a new Toyota Yaris LE at Spinelli Toyota Point-Claire. We received excellent service from all the staff members. From the minute we walked in, we were warmly greeted by the receptionist. Josh our sales representative, Steven and Mary were amazing. We would recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a new vehicle.

  • My experience of buying my first was excellent

    My experience of buying my first was excellent. All the employees who assisted me were extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I was pleased with the service, thank you.

  • Rating 10/10!

    We picked up our Toyota Highlander yesterday. Thanks for the services provided. Rating 10/10! The store is big and the staff are very professional. Max and Steven are warm, polite and nice. Everything is clearly explained. My kids are happy too: Steven showed them how to draw a star without lifting the pen from the paper! Haha!
    By the way, the plate number is a surprise too. We have never expected that! From this point, we can feel that in treating the customers, they pay attention to every detail. Thanks and Bravo!
    In all, we had a wonderful experience there. I will recommend it to my friends.

  • Excellent Customer Service!

    I wish to let you know of my recent experience with Spinelli Toyota Pointe Claire new car department.

    On Thursday, June 30 around 8:00 pm, my wife and I went into the sales department unannounced and asked if Angela D’Antonio was in the office.  I have dealt with Angela for the purchase of my last five Corollas.  Angela was very busy and it was the end of the day, however, she excused herself from a meeting just to see us and address our issues.  She took us into her office and listened to my dissatisfaction that I had visited the used car department and the offer for trade-in on my old Corolla was so low.  She called the evaluation department and then explained to me the reasons for such a low quote.

    She then went through my options to purchase/lease a new 2016 Corolla LE with the best offer she could give to me.  We accepted her offer of lease during that impromptu meeting.  We just wish to let you know how she went above and beyond her duties in order to satisfy a long time loyal customer. We then met with Mary Greenstein-Campbell who was our financial agent.  She processed my wife’s credit seamlessly and proceeded to offer many services through Toyota.  She did not assert any pressure on us and we felt very comfortable working with her.

    The following Tuesday, we took delivery of the new car with Mr. Steve Guilbault.  He introduced himself and then took the time to give a very detailed orientation and instruction to my wife and my daughter who are the principal drivers of the new car.  The paperwork was all in order, well explained to my wife and then signed without any issues.

    I just wish to let you know that we are extremely happy with the customer service which was given to us on this very last minute meeting without an appointment.   You are extremely fortunate to have such professional and caring staff representing your product.

    Please convey my thanks and appreciation to Angela, Mary, and Steve and their managers.


  • I highly recommend them!

    Very professional, and strive to give you the best price for the car you are looking for. They beat the price quoted from 3 other dealers. Highly recommended!

  • Fantastic service!

    Fantastic service ! This is my second Toyota from them so no negative posting from me . Thank you Rafik and everyone that works there.

  • Always perfect

    I bought my first new car from Spinelli Toyota almost 30 years ago, and I back often for servicing as well as anytime my wife wants to get a new car! 

    Thanks to the whole team at Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire!

  • Thanks!

    Everyone was really welcoming!

    Thanks to the whole Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire team for the great service. 

  • Great service! Love it!

    I hesitated for a long time before buying my new Toyota, and I'm so happy that I chose to buy it from Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire! The service was top-notch.

    I'll be back in the spring to get my tires changed!