Love the team there, I would recommend Spinelli Toyota to anyone

About 2 weeks ago I got a call from Toyota telling me about a promotion that they were having and if I wanted to come in and see what they had to offer. On Dec. 18th I walked into Toyota to see Bobby Wojcik smiling face (he had just sold my twin a RAV4 in March), I explained to Bobby that I was just there too look was not really thinking of buying just yet. I looked over and saw this beauty of a car the C-HR, Bobby then proceeded to show me the car, took me on a test drive (which was the deal breaker) and then we sat down and he patiently went through the payment plans and what options would work best for me. At no time did I feel forced to make a decision or fell pressure to purchase a new car. The next day I went back to see Georges Yacoubian who also greeted me with a big smile and we sat down and he explained all the options that I needed or didn't need for my new car. Once I said no to an option that was it, Georges didn't force or pressure me to take any plan that didn't fit my budget. He understood that I had a budget and wanted to say in that bracket. Got the call the next day that the car was mine. When I went to pick up my car I was once again greeting with a big smile and hug from Bobby then was introduced to Steven Guibault who proceeded to show me all the inner workings of the car. He took his time and made sure that I understood what buttons and control did what. We went to his office to sign all the paper and two days ago I walked out of Spinelli Toyota Pointe-Claire with the new C-HR. Love the team there, I would recommend Spinelli Toyota to anyone.. you guys are the best. Tracie